Safety Tips

Safety Tips

Whether you’re borrowing a surfboard for a quick surf, or you’re taking a boat trip with a surf guide, we want you to be safe. We value your safety. We hope you do too.

Know your limits and surf responsibly

We all love coming home from a trip and telling everyone about the great waves that we surfed. However, if you feel that you are over your head in terms of level of experience with waves you are surfing, please reconsider paddling out.

Be culturally aware

Do your homework, and be sure you’re aware of cultural sensitivities, norms, customs, laws and general safety recommendations for each country that you travel to. Also, be cognizant of the fact that you are acting as a cultural ambassador of your home country. So be sure to keep that in mind while traveling.

Be street smart

If you find yourself in a situation that seems unsafe for any reason, be it on our SurfShare platform or during your travels, excuse yourself from the situation immediately. Don’t worry about coming across as rude. Communicate clearly with others, make wise decisions and take care of yourself.

Communicate through The SurfShare

Don’t give out any pertinent personal information until you have met and feel comfortable with a new person. Use the SurfShare messaging system within the website to communicate and make payments as a safety precaution.

Review The SurfShare profiles carefully

Take the time to carefully review member profiles. Read what members say about themselves and what other members have said about them. Give yourself the time to thoroughly read through all the information available.

Leave feedback

Let other SurfShare members know about your experiences with the people you meet. Whether someone lent you a board for a quick surf session, or you had a guide take you to his/her favorite secret spot, feel free to leave a review for other members to see.

Report abuse or negative experiences to The SurfShare

The SurfShare’s goal is to build a safe and trustworthy network for surf travelers around the world. If you have had a bad experience with another member of The SurfShare network, we need to know. Confidentially report negative experiences or safety concerns to The SurfShare team by going to Contact Us and sending us a message.

International Travel Insurance and Safety

The SurfShare strongly recommends that travelers buy some form of international travel insurance. Although The SurfShare does not advocate for one particular travel insurance over another, we strongly recommend that you consider purchasing international travel insurance prior to departure. We also recommend the following: making yourself aware of the whereabouts of local clinics, hospitals, etc., packing a small first aid kit and eating right, working out, staying hydrated, getting a good night’s rest, and refraining from excessive drinking [alcohol].