SurfSharing Tips

Responsible SurfSharing

The SurfShare believes in building a worldwide community of surfers who are socially and culturally responsible, as well as attuned to, and respectful of, the culture(s) in which they are traveling. We strongly encourage all parties who are part of The SurfShare to think carefully about, and be conscientious of their social and cultural surroundings and responsibilities as a surfer in a foreign land. Surf travel undoubtedly offers surfers with a rich cultural experience that is unique to surf travel; however, it comes with a certain level of social responsibility and commitment, particularly if you are lugging your boards halfway across the planet. In addition to practicing cultural awareness and making the conscious effort to understand the social norms of the culture in which you are traveling, here are a few other ways you can perpetuate the SurfShare vibe. These are solely suggestions, but are guaranteed to enhance your SurfShare experience.

1. Spread the love. If you have been helped because of The SurfShare, make sure to pay it forward.

2. Treat your rental board as if it were your own board.

3. Respect the locals. Remember that you are a visitor.

4. Write a review on The SurfShare about your experience. For example, talk about the quality of the surfboard that you rented or bought, your surf guide, instructor and/or photographer/videographer.

5. Tip your surf guide, surf instructor and/or surf photographer/videographer after they’ve done a great job. Gratuity is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended as a way to show appreciation.

6. Get to know your surf guide/surf instructor/surf photographer/videographer. Take the opportunity to ask questions and learn about their culture, etc.

7. Leave behind some surf items to fellow SurfShare members that you encounter as a token of appreciation.

8. Above all, enjoy yourself!

International Travel Insurance and Safety

The SurfShare strongly recommends that travelers buy some form of international travel insurance. Although The SurfShare does not advocate for one particular travel insurance over another, we strongly recommend that you consider purchasing international travel insurance prior to departure. We also recommend the following: making yourself aware of the whereabouts of local clinics, hospitals, etc., packing a small first aid kit and eating right, working out, staying hydrated, getting a good night’s rest, and refraining from excessive drinking [alcohol].