Need Help?

Need Help?

How do I create a SurfShare Account?

If you haven’t signed up for a SurfShare account yet, go to: You can use your email address to create an account. Signing up and creating a SurfShare account is completely free, whether you're looking to rent or sell a surfboard, or offer your services as a surf guide, surf instructor or surf photographer! Once you sign up, you will receive a welcome email to confirm and verify your email address.

After you verify yourself and sign in, please be sure to complete your SurfShare profile based off of your services in order to facilitate linking with more users on our platform! Then you can start SurfSharing the world!

How do I use TheSurfShare?

List Your Surfboard Inventory

We encourage you to use The SurfShare to its full extent! Whether you’re looking to rent or sell your surfboard(s), or you’re offering your services as a surf guide, surf instructor or surf photographer/videographer to fellow surfers traveling, it’s free to create a profile and post listings. When you’re ready to start SurfSharing, you can publish your listing for all the surfing world to see.

Description of your Inventory

Traveling surfers often search for specific surfboards and guide and photography expertise that meet specific needs, so accurately describing yourself, what you are offering and your skill set will help attract more SurfShare users to your profile. Thus, more business and more exposure for you and your profile. When explaining what you have to offer to the SurfShare world, answer important questions like, whether or not you have new or used boards available (their size, shape, etc.), what type of surf guide services you offer (i.e. boat trips, 4x4, etc.), what type of photography/videography you shoot (i.e. water photography, land photography, etc.) and include helpful details about the local area.

Remember: You are the one who knows the area so highlight all of the great and unique things that one can expect to encounter and see during their visit.

Uploading Photos

Photographs help other SurfShare users get a feel for your surfboard inventory, your knowledge as a surf guide or instructor and/or your abilities as a photographer/videographer. Go ahead and upload your best images and make sure your photos are well lit, in focus, and representative of what you are promoting in your profile, be it, surfboards, guiding, instructing or photography.

How Much Do I Charge?

You know your surfboard inventory, skill set as a photographer, your abilities as an instructor, and/or your knowledge and abilities as a guide best, so we let you decide the price. All we ask is that you keep your profile as up to date and accurate as possible with pictures. Keep it fresh and new to the best of your ability. Moreover, we also allow you to set custom prices. Only you can decide the true value and worth of your best work. We display your profile just as you have created and updated it. Please make sure that all content is appropriate and respectful as a courtesy to all in the SurfShare community. For more information on this, go to “How it Works.”

SurfShare Basics


The SurfShare is constantly adding new individuals to our worldwide SurfShare community. To find someone in your area, enter your destination into the search bar to see what SurfShare options are available near you, anywhere in the world.

Tools that help you search

We display photos of listings, SurfShare profiles and reviews to help you make informed decisions when considering who to contact. We've also created search filters so you can narrow your results by type of surfboards being rented and sold as well as surf guides, surf instructors and surf photographers/videographers. For example, if you’re looking to rent a surfboard, select “Rent a Board”. Likewise, if you’re looking for a surf photographer to follow you around on your surf trip, select “Surf Photographer”.

Sending an inquiry to another member
 of The SurfShare

Once you complete your profile on The Surfshare to display to other members, you can contact another member on by clicking on the “Contact Member” button. It’s as simple as that.