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Head of Patrol Bali: Akaa Maulana

All smiles all the time with a friendly, easy going energy.. meet Akaa! A guaranteed highlight of your surfing experience and holiday. Born in Java, living in Bali, a highly experienced surfer and well known, respected instructor who has been teaching for years in an accredited surf school before embarking on his own dream: ‘Dawn Patrol Bali’. Always motivated, Akaa is passionate about sharing his knowledge and experience to all surf ability’s while having as much fun as possible!

Team Partner

Head of Patrol Java: Yohan Dono

A wise and talented surf instructor and guide, Dono boasts years of teaching experience and knowledge. A lifeline to our surf trips, Dono is the detail and planning in our surfing adventures. Born in Java, Living in Bali, Dono is also a gifted chef and farther. Together our Heads of Patrol are a team to be proud of: making every adventure unforgettable!


Bali offers a huge variety of world-class surfing spots that cater for all surfing ability’s all year round, (wet and dry season) including beach break and reef break locations. While Bali is famous for a handful of iconic waves, there are still many less discovered or ventured locations with quieter line-ups.

Our Location - Balangan Beach:

We are based on Balangan Beach in Bali’s southern peninsular- also known as ‘the Bukit’. Though we surf in many locations, Balangan’s reef break offers gentle green waves for beginners learning to surf, as well as large and consistent left barrels for experienced surfers making it our favorite location. It is regarded as one of the best waves in Bali with a beautiful backdrop and beach welcoming tourists looking to relax and play.

Nestled between a cluster of great surfing spots with individual character such as Dreamland, Bingin, Jimbaran and the infamous Uluwatu, our central location ensures we can easily accommodate surfers of all levels and take advantage of there day-to-day conditions.

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