About The SurfShare

The SurfShare is an online platform that connects surfers all over the world. The mission of The SurfShare is to be the premier worldwide surf-sharing platform by connecting surfers (and surf enthusiasts) from across the globe and thereby fostering more enjoyable surf travel.

The SurfShare was created and designed by surfers, for surfers; and it was created out of the desire to make surf travel less cumbersome, more enjoyable and to connect like-minded people in the surfing community. All of us at The SurfShare surf, and what’s more, have traveled all over the globe, lugging our surfboard bags from airport to airport for the opportunity to surf foreign, unridden breaks.

Why we created The SurfShare

Approximately 71% of our beautiful planet is covered in water. So its safe to say that there are lots of surf breaks out there. Many of them have already been discovered; however, some are yet to be discovered. Nevertheless, whether you are on a business trip and realize there is a good swell coming, or on surf trip with your closest friends, The SurfShare offers its members plenty of options in order to make sure that you don’t let a good swell pass you by.

As a result, we have created this online surf-sharing platform for everyone to enjoy, from beginners to professionals. We have created a system that allows people to borrow, lend, rent and even sell surfboards, as well as rent out their “SurfShack” to traveling surfers. Furthermore, we have also provided an avenue for surf photographers, videographers and surf guides to offer their services.

So not only does The SurfShare help you find a surfboard, a surf shack, a surf guide, a surf instructor or a surf photographer/videographer, we also save you time by putting all of this onto one platform. No need to spend countless hours scouring the Internet to see if there are surf shops with good surfboards to rent or buy. Instead, you can spend less time “shopping” and more time getting amped by watching videos about the breaks that you are soon to be surfing.